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….continued from page 1 Escaping the Rat RaceShould you merely continue playing the lottery like the millions of other individuals all over the world who play it? Should you just keep daydreaming of a win on the lotto, living in your mental image and being satisfied with the warm feelings that gives you? Or, should […]

….continued from page 1 Math Professor Wins Lottery Five Times You see Larry Blair has won the lottery five times. What’s more, three of those times were in a row! This may seem like an extremely lucky set of events but for Larry the wins were bitter sweet due to a bungled kidnapping attempt against […]

….continued from page 1 Preparing For a Win All you have to do is be prepared. If you know what way you would spend your money you are much less likely to blow it all and end up with nothing – or worse still in debt! Plus thinking of ways in which you would spend […]

Playing The UK The National LotteryThe National Lottery is the UK based lotto draw that takes place twice weekly. The UK lottery is a 6/49 drawn meaning that you must correctly identify the 6 winning numbers drawn from a pool of 49. Therefore the advice in this piece applies equally well to all lotto draws […]

….continued from page 1 Beating The OddsAny lottery ticket with numbers that have been chosen in any other way that is not based on a mathematical probability system is doomed to lose unless you are one of the luckiest people on the planet! To illustrate this point let’s look at the National Lottery in England. […]