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Here are the stories of 2 of the most unfortunate lottery winners in history. Duck That TruckWay back in January of 2004 Indiana man Carl Atwood was going about his normal business in Elwood while a lottery game was being played that would net him a $73,450 prize. At 73 you would be forgiven for […]

Here are three amazing lottery stories that should inspire all lotto players to keep playing. The Man Who Dreamed He WouldMost of us have had vivid dreams. Dreams that are almost lucid in nature and that are vibrant and colourful are often difficult to distinguish from reality in those twilight moments just after awakening. Throughout […]

We have all locked ourselves out of the house at one stage or another by forgetting to lift our house keys. Some of us have even forgotten to take the keys from the ignition before locking the car doors. Most of us have forgotten at least one person’s birthday or special occasion. So, you would […]

According to Fortune Magazine a Gold’s Gym Franchise Manager used a unique never-before-tried lotto system and then did something not many other lottery winners do on the heels of one big win. 41 year old Idaho man Brad Duke won $220 million on a Powerball draw back in 2005. After taxes cleared a lump sum […]

As If Winning $1 Million on Missouri Lotto Wasn’t Enough!In the small city of Bonne Terre in St. Francois County, Missouri, USA many of the 6854 residents believe that lightening never strikes twice. After all we all believe that, don’t we? However, those same residents are well aware that the lottery can, and does, strike […]